District 5970 “Rotary Rush” is on again!  For the months of February and March 2020, the District is offering a significant incentive to all Rotarians who give to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund
A generous Rotarian Donor has offered their points as an incentive to help Rotarians easily reach their first or multiple Paul Harris Fellow level.  The Donor is offering a 1 for 1 points to dollars match if a Rotarian contributes a minimum of $100 cash toward their first or next Paul Harris Fellow level.  For example, you may have accumulated $500 in contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Then, if you add $250 in cash in February or March, our Donor will match 250 points to your giving account which allows you to receive your first or multiple PHF award.  The match is up to a maximum of 500 points.
If you choose to participate in this challenge, you will need to fill out Form 123-EN which is available at the Foundation tab on the District’s website at www.district5970.org , or click the link below.  Please email the completed form to john.wasta@gmail.com or mail the completed form to John Wasta, 221 Kent Ct. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA  52402.  If you are paying by check, please make it payable to “The Rotary Foundation”, please include the check with the form. 
You may also make your gift online at www.rotary.orgIf you do, please make a note of the amount of your gift on the form and send the form to John to receive your match.  Please do not send credit card information via email. 
Wondering how close you are to your next PHF level?  Just email John Wasta or Don Meyer, DRFCC Chair,  at foundationchair@district5970.org or call him at 641-251-4655. 
This match is only available to limited number of Rotarians that submit their requests. 
What are you waiting for? Make a difference today!