Historic Rosters

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Photo Albums

Before this fancy Internet became so easy to use, clubs printed little booklets with every member's photo and basic infomation.  We are very lucky to have a few of those "facebooks" from years past, and we've scanned them in for your enjoyment and reference.  Maybe you'll see your own relatives in here?  You'll certainly recognize some prominent names - names we know from street signs, school buildings and lasting charitable foundations.  Our club has a rich membership of Waterloo's most influential citizens.

Here is a link to the 1966-67 roster, and the 1918-19 roster.  We have a roster from 1985-86 that will be made available here as well.  If you have a photo roster from the past, or other historic photos, please get in touch with Mason.

A very special thank you to Jeremy Kauten and his talented staff at VGM Forbin.  They have donated their time to assemble these rosters online for our club, as well as provide archive space for other historic documents.