Uyntha Duncan

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This is the second story of "Women in Rotary" in a series of 6 stories.  We have 43 active women in our club and would certainly like to have more. Please share Uyntha's story with others.

  Volunteer of the Year, Adult Citizen of Character, Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser, Embrace Life Honoree, Campaign Chair are a few of her titles.  Wheaton Franciscan, American Red Cross, Visiting Nurses Association, Habitat for Humanity, Cedar Falls Historical Association, Cedar Valley Hospice and Family Children's Council, and Rotary are a few organizations that her name is affiliated with.


   If you want to see an impressive resume of an individual that truly lives the Rotarian mission of "Service Above Self" look no farther than our own Uyntha Duncan. "Why do you choose to be a Rotarian?" I asked during my interview. "Rotary has a mission that is very closely aligned with my personal mission", replied Uyntha. "Being involved with so many organizations I see that first hand."


   Bonnie Humble had approached Uyntha with the idea that Rotary would be a good way for her to get involved in service projects and get to know people with some of her same interests.  She became a member of the Waterloo Rotary Downtown club in 2002.

    With Rotary she has been involved on many different committees. She helps with the shoebox each year and took the trip to Nicaragua along with other Rotarians and volunteers to deliver shoeboxes, durable medical equipment, bicycles, sewing machines, and garden tools in 2004.This is a major undertaking that could not be possible without the selfless volunteers.

     What is your Wish for the club? "Diversity, it would be nice to have a wider range of individuals involved with our club. Different ages, genders, backgrounds, and nationalities," she said.  


     Uyntha was a health coordinator for Head Start, Iowa Migrant Head Start, and CDI after working for public health and holding various nursing positions from pediatrics to surgical medicine. She and late husband Don have a daughter (in Omaha) and 2 sons (in Cedar Falls), 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Thank you for continuing your support of Rotary and all that you do in your selfless acts of kindness and volunteer work. You are definitely a person that does MAKE A DIFFERENCE!