The PAUL HARRIS Fellow is an award given to those who have given $1,000 dollars possibly over several years to our foundation or by a sponsor that has given the money in their name for extraordinary services rendered. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Rotary and thereby named after the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris.

A multiple Paul Harris Fellow is a Paul Harris Fellow who has contributed additional $1000 gifts to the Foundation.

Giving any sum of money to the Rotary Foundation makes you a part of the eradication of Polio, a partner in creating PEACE, a person who supports Clean Water and Sanitation where water is worth more than gold, it is measured in LIVES. It makes you someone who believes that all babies, children and moms should have good medical resources, micro-credit and equal rights. You are a person that is fighting Aids, Polio, Malaria and other diseases and doing so much more than I could ever tell you in these few short minutes.

Jeff, your contribution to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is improving living conditions and providing educational opportunities for young people all over the world.  A truly selfless act.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to present to you, on behalf of the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation, this emblem of a SEVEN TIMES Paul Harris Fellow.  

-Foundation Chair Deborah D. Pullin-Van Auken