John Hewko and CEOs across industries share their best advice with Adam Mendler in his Lessons in Leadership series.

Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of America’s top leaders and a question I love asking is: “What are your three best tips applicable to entrepreneurs, executives and civic leaders?” Here are the answers I received to that question from ten CEOs of successful organizations - across of a wide of industries - who I interviewed in my Lessons in Leadership series:

John Hewko, CEO of Rotary International: In addition to stressing that all leaders reflect on their personal and organizational core values, I would simply suggest that those in the for-profit sector take a critical look at how social value is part of their firm’s mission. Broadly, if the 19th century for-profit sector valued “reward,” and the 20th century benchmark was risk and reward, then the 21st century will be defined by risk, reward and impact. For many years, it was difficult to answer the inevitable question: How do you blend and measure social and financial returns? This is no longer the case, but it requires some bold collaboration between the private sector and non-profits to act on this insight. Finally, I firmly believe that trailblazing leaders are made, not born. Rotary’s founder Paul Harris wasn’t blessed with once-in-a-lifetime talents, but he was able to articulate a vision that inspired others. He was able to act on his vision to form a new social network well before anyone ever heard of Facebook or LinkedIn.

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