Beth McCrindle is our amazing coordinator of the special luncheon and has the following words...
This honors program will be different this year-obviously without the “lure” of lunch and getting out of the building for part of the day we tried to make the formatting more appealing. The program will be a fabulous video of all of the honor students from Columbus, East, Expo, Valley, Waterloo Christian and West put together for us by the Superintendent’s office. Surrounding the video will be words of advice and congratulations offered by those our club as honored in the past who are all graduates from Waterloo.
Katie McCrindle Kroeger. Honor student who went to Spain as a Rotary Exchange Student between West and Wartburg. Now an outdoor enthusiast living in Colorado.

J’ Kalein Madison. He was honored by our club as the first recipient of our Service Above Self award. He is now an extremely active member of the Cedar  Valley. Look for him in his kilt at Irish Fest!

Katrina Ginther Thompson. Honor Student who went on to be a Rotary Exchange Student to Belgium between West and Boston University. Now enjoying life in sunny California.


Ai-Lihn Hong Miller came to Waterloo as an eighth grader from Saigon. She spoke no English upon her arrival and now is a teacher at East Waterloo.


Katie Morgart. Honor Student who went on to teach overseas with the Department of Defense. Katie went to Wartburg and came back to student teach at West and Expo. She was a favorite!!

Mayor Quentin Hart speaks not only on behalf of himself and East High but also our entire community. 

 Dr Lindaman will also say a few words as will any principal choosing to participate.

Meeting ID: 985 7618 4918
Password: 061645