Posted by Mason Fromm on Jan 15, 2021
Bill had another rough week with increasing pain and decreasing spirits. His son Mike shared with me that he still retains his sharp mind, but he has been stripped of mobility in the last several weeks. He is surrounded by family from Kansas City and California, and Mike mentioned Bill misses Rotary the most. Our club presented a gift for Bill today that will help him re-connect with our club; a 120-page printed archive of our weekly Reporter newsletters from 2020.
I was unable to see Bill when I delivered it, but Mike said it sounds like the perfect gift for Bill to catch up on what our club has been up to since we last met in-person.  Please keep his wife Irene and the rest of Bill's family in your thoughts and send a short letter to Bill if you haven't already.
Bill & Irene Robert
1925 Westchester Rd. #206
Waterloo, IA 50701