This year's Duck Race will take place June 2 at the District 5970 Conference in Charles City. Here's how it works:
  1. Each club and individuals in that club who purchase ducks will be represented by a single duck in the race.
  2. The first three ducks to cross the finish line will be the winners. Once the three winning clubs have been determined, a computer pick at random will choose one winner of a Paul Harris Fellow designation for each of the three winning clubs.
  3. Each club participating in the race will receive Foundation Paul Harris Fellow points for the full amount of dollars contributed by the club through the purchase of ducks.
Ducks cost $5. They can be purchased online ( at $5.42 each, which covers the district's cost for credit card fees. To save the 42 cents, send a check to:
John Wasta
Tallgrass Business Resources
1239 First Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402