Dear Fellow Rotarians:
North Star Community Services provides support services to some of our most vulnerable citizens, adults with disabilities living in north east, north central, and parts of central Iowa. Last year they supported around 4550 individuals. Executive Director Valerie Schwager and her team work very hard to bring in enough funding to cover basic operating costs, but it is a struggle to find extra for capital expenses.
The need for capital expenditures is now! Many of the facilities are aging and in need of important repairs. Support to those they serve comes first, so funds cannot be pulled away for capital repairs. That is why we are reaching out to you and your club!
Although services are provided from offices located in Mason City, New Hampton, Waverly, Marshalltown, Toledo and Vinton, it is the Waterloo facilities that North Star owns that have immediate needs. The cost will be approximately $168,000, but just $84,000 has been raised.
The Cedar Falls Rotary club has raised over $5,000 and received a matching district grant. This will help with a project at the University Avenue location. Please consider helping us expand this project or contact Valerie about something closer to your club. There is also a need to upgrade accessible transportation.
Fellow Rotarians, we are great at funding international projects, but this can help on the home front and is a hidden but very necessary part of our communities!
Please call Valerie Schwager (319-226-8344), Miller Roskamp (319-240-0087), or Mike Butler (319-239-6214), if you have any questions.
Thank you for your support!
Mike Butler
Foundation Chairperson - Cedar Falls Rotary Club