Peter Komendowski will be sharing highlights of the Cedar Valley Trails Partnership!
Peter serves as president of The Partnership for A Healthy Iowa, is a former Chair of the
Partnership, and succeeded Senator Grassley as Chair of the Face It Together Coalition
which authored Iowa’s “Blueprint for Healthy Communities. He also founded Friends of
Iowa Trails and the Iowa Trails Summit and was honored by the National Park Service as
Iowa's Trails Person of the Year in 2013. He has been a member of the Cedar Valley
Trails Partnership Board of Directors for over 15 years.

As a Futurist (a person who engages interdisciplinary and systems thinking to identify
trends, emerging opportunities, risk factors and scenarios relating to future outcomes)
Peter studies the habits of American youth to map an understanding of what instigates
high-risk behavior and develops educational programs to help motivate healthier
decision-making. Working with collaborators worldwide, including the Iowa State
University Department of Psychology, Mayo Health Services and Des Moines Public
Schools, he is developing a Digital Literacy & Wellness critical thinking skills curriculum
and innovations in the real-time monitoring of youth media interactions as they relate
to health, welfare, wellness, happiness, and academic performance.