We are back at the Waterloo Convention Center on Monday and we will kick off June with Annie's Cultural Conversations and Mason doing birthdays!
50 Ways Culture Influences: A FUN social engagement opportunity inspired by the 50 Ways Culture Influences each of us! No way is right or wrong. It just is. You will engage in a guided conversation with your favorite Rotarians (choose your seat wisely). Answering 3 primary questions, learn how "the way you do it" is similar or different from your table mates. It's one of the tools we use during the cultural conversations hosted throughout the District.
Decorated cake with lighted candles, gifts, and confetti on blue background. (celebrations, cakes, pastry, birthday, anniversary)
Kathleen WernimontJun 2 
Lisa GatesJun 14 
Jacob BatesJun 16 
*David BuckJun 19 
Jacylne HellerJun 19 
Chris KempJun 22