PHOTO: 2016 Iowa House Candidates Forum
All Iowa House and Senate candidates on the Black Hawk County Elections ballot were invited to attend the forum on Monday. Kevin McCrindle will moderate the forum to ensure equal time to each guest. In advance, questions will be submitted from the club.
The following candidates are invited to join us October 3rd:
  • Iowa House Candidate Derek Wulf, District 76
  • Iowa House Candidate Kate Wyatt, District 76
  • Iowa House Rep. Timi Brown-Powers, District 61(Incumbent)
  • Iowa House Candidate John Bothwell, District 61
  • Iowa House Rep. Bob Kressig, District 75 (Incumbent)
  • Iowa House Candidate Jerome Amos,Jr., District 62
  • Senator Bill Dotzler, District 31 (Incumbent)
See link below for official list of candidates on the ballot in Black Hawk County...