From District Governor Lowell Stoolman
Not a 'Natural Leader'? These 5 Tips May Come in Handy 
Some people seem to be born with the propensity to lead – they're congenial, people admire them, and they're intelligent. But the most successful Rotary leaders aren't always the smartest or most talented club members. The best leaders are those with the drive to do what needs to be done – and the skill to help others rise with them.
If you don't feel like you are a natural leader, consider these 5 tips to help you excel and guide your club to success.
  1. Show Up and Do the Work: Delegation is important, but good leaders also get their hands dirty. Show up at volunteer opportunities. Help set up club events. Your hard work will be noticed.
  2. Be Positive: Your attitude can be contagious, so look for opportunities to uplift and encourage fellow club members.
  3. Emit Gratitude: Everyone enjoys being appreciated. Let others know you appreciate their contributions and encourage them to do the same with others.
  4. Seek Solutions: Try not to dwell on problems or challenges. Roll up your sleeves and start seeking solutions. Your club will follow suit.
  5. Be Coachable: Leaders don't know everything. They're constant learners with a desire to stay ahead of the next need. All of us, from District Governors to new members, always have something to learn.
Ignore the little voice that makes you feel like less than a leader. Turn your negative thoughts into positivity. You can achieve great things – and you are a Rotary leader for a reason. 
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Tips to Support Rotary Youth in 2020
To say this year has been challenging would be an understatement, particularly for students who’ve had to give up proms, graduations, sports, and more young adult milestones.
Interact and Rotaract students are versatile. But they’re not invincible. Show you care by making meaningful connections with Rotary youth in your community:
  • Create back-to-school gift boxes: Purchase pre-wrapped snacks they can enjoy during late-night study sessions. Consider adding healthy options, such as dried fruit, granola bars, and oatmeal packets.
  • Offer your expertise: Offer to take a look at resumes or application letters. Provide healthy living tips. Help them navigate helpful community resources. Whatever your niche, seek opportunities to benefit students. 
  • Be a mentor: Sometimes, young professionals just need a listening ear. Offer to do a virtual coffee or meal meeting and talk about school, work, life - whatever is on their mind.
Rotary youth are the future of our organization, and they’re the future leaders of our community. Take time out of your busy schedule this fall to support our bright young Rotarians.