Mateo Armando “M.A.T.” T.  Caparas served as RI president in 1986-87 with the Rotary theme, “Rotary Brings Hope.” He was the first and only Filipino to become president of Rotary International, he was 97. 

Caparas launched the worldwide anti-polio drive aimed at eradicating the deadly disease that has killed and paralyzed tens of thousands of people.  The campaign has become a huge success and has drawn the strong support of Microsoft’s founder and philanthropist Bill Gates.

The Filipino socio-civic leader was instrumental in the acquisition of the One Rotary Center in Evanston, Illinois.  He led the two-year fund raising campaign for the project and was able to raise $130 million, surpassing the target by $70 million. It was also during Caparas’ term that the RI board allowed membership of women in Rotary.