5/26/2020: Gov. Reynolds announces casinos, amusement parks, outdoor venues, and sports leagues allowed to reopen Monday, June 1 with restrictions

  • Businesses allowed to reopen at 50% capacity while following social distancing measures include: casinos, amusement parks, outdoor venues can hold live performances, bowling alleys, speedway, racetracks can reopen events to spectators, pool halls, and arcades

  • Recreational and social sport gatherings of more than 10 people will be allowed - individuals must remain 6 feet apart and venues are limited to 50% occupation capacity

  • Bars, wineries, breweries, and distilleries can reopen Thursday, May 28. They must follow the same public health measures as restaurants, including limiting normal operating capacity to 50 percent and social distancing groups of 6 feet. Live bands are also now permitted at bars and restaurants following social distancing guidelines.

  • Businesses that remain closed will continue to be closed through June 17 and Reynolds said she will continue to monitor whether any other measures should be adjusted.

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