With many things happening this first week of September, we find ourselves thinking about those that are seeking shelter and recovery from Hurricane Dorian.  It will not be enough to just think about them, there are ways Rotarians can get involved by making donations to organizations.   
The Rotary Foundation provides Disaster Response Grants to the areas affected by the hurricane, which are funded through on-line donations.  The quickest and easiest way to give is online on Rotary’s website at this link:  https://my.rotary.org/en/donate and direct your gift to the Disaster Response Fund.  (Please note that the donations will be credited toward a Rotarian’s Annual Giving, but will not apply to Share or District Designated Funds.)
You will also find a few more organizations and Rotary Districts that are raising funds for Hurricane Dorian relief on Rotary’s website.  They can be found at this link:  https://www.rotary.org/en/our-causes/disaster-response .  (Please be aware that gifts to these organizations may be charitable gifts, but may not count toward a Rotarian’s Annual Giving since they are not given to The Rotary Foundation.)  
Thank you for your support to help our Rotarians who are in dire need of help as they work to recover from this horrible disaster.  Our prayers are with all who have been impacted by this storm.
Michelle Bell
5970 District Governor