Iowa Mission of Mercy Presenting on June 19
The Iowa Mission of Mercy (IMOM) will be coming to Waterloo on October 13-14, so we have Dr. Martin Averill, retired Waterloo dentist and IMOM Local Planning Committee Co-Chair, and Laurie Traetow, Iowa Dental Foundation Secretary/Treasurer, speaking to our club on June 19.
IMOM is an annual free two-day dental clinic that rotates around the state each year. Since it began in 2008, over 16,600 patients have received free dental care totaling in excess of $11.5 million. IMOM has been Waterloo two times before:  1,254 patients were served in 2008, and 1,112 patients in 2014.  A full service field dental clinic, complete with 100 mobile dental chairs, will be set up in the Waterloo Convention Center.  IMOM anticipates serving over 1,000 patients and providing over one million dollars in free oral healthcare over the course of the two-day clinic. In addition, over 1,000 dental professionals and other non-clinical volunteers will be needed at the event.