District Governor Don Meyer received the message below and wanted to share it with all the clubs in our district:
As we approach the end of the 2022-2023 Rotary year, we are writing to share a tremendous opportunity for your district, by asking for your assistance in identifying those in your district, or their family members, who have served in the Peace Corps in the past. Peace Corps is a US government agency that trains and deploys volunteers to provide international development assistance and is currently in over 50 countries post-pandemic. Rotary International and the Peace Corps have been service partners since 2014, in recognition of its shared vision to promote peace and friendship through volunteer international service and successful collaborations at the local level. Partnering for Peace is the small volunteer organization working to facilitate joint RI-PC service opportunities through networking, technical support, and fellowship.   
This year, we want to tap the potential to grow Rotary’s membership and engage in meaningful service opportunities worldwide.  Specifically, we invite each District Governor throughout the US to ask Club Presidents in your district to help identify Rotary members with any connections to Peace Corps: an outgoing "Peace Corps Volunteer", a “Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)”, PC family and friends.  
Those in the Rotary community with Peace Corps connections are warmly encouraged to submit their PC contact information through this linked form, unless they are already members of Partnering for Peace.  Partnering for Peace will contact each individual to share more about the RI-PC partnership and ideas of how it is implemented. Making these connections nurtures the volunteer spirit in our communities that is the foundation of our partnership and is the catalyst for future collaboration in meaningful service and involvement between Rotarians and RPCVs.  Please share with your Club Presidents and ask them to distribute to their club members. 
Imagine the possibilities – new members - new service projects - a legacy of Peace through Service.  Thank you for joining us in this way to activate the Rotary-Peace Corps service partnership and potentially grow Rotary by partnering for peace.  Please contact us with any questions. 
Kim Dixon, President
Partnering for Peace
District 7710
Alan Kusunoki, Outreach
Partnering for Peace
District 5000
PDG Ellen G. Young, Outreach
Partnering for Peace
District 6440