Love INC of Cedar Valley is one of more than a hundred Love INC locations across the United States and Kenya, who partner with over 7,800 Christian churches to serve hundreds of thousands of people in need. 

Love INC fosters collaboration and organizes holistic care to help churches serve their neighbors through resources and relationships. By networking churches together, each church is able to lean into their strengths, knowing that their neighbors will be cared for by the body of Christ within their community.
We help churches help people by developing a network of local churches and connecting them with opportunities to serve their neighbors in need. Sometimes that can look like helping with food, personal needs items, furniture, transportation, or a work project. Other times, it looks like offering educational classes, providing mentorship support, and hosting community events. But it’s always about each church leaning into its strengths and working together with others—because we are better together.
Our guest August 21st will be Lucy Kerns, who grew up in the Cedar Valley and has spent much of her life in ministry. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Adolescent Ministry, Lucy returned to the Cedar Valley to work at an IT Firm, then bi-vocationally, and finally full-time in ministry at Cedar Valley Church in 2018. During this time Lucy earned her Master's degree in Ministry and Leadership and was ordained in the Wesleyan church last July. As she learned about the needs in the area, she felt compelled to join Love INC's Board of Directors because of the way Love INC prioritizes and respects the dignity of individuals, and desires to help in times of trouble, while caring for the whole person.