Former State Representative Doris Kelley and also Emerita Chair, Vice-Chair and Executive Director of the Iowa Board of Parole, will be our guest speaker.  Her presentation is titled “ERA:  it’s about time.”
Doris’s discussion will focus on how the Equal Rights Amendment came to be first introduced to the American public in 1923, actions since 1923 to make the ERA the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, U.S. House of Representative approval of the ERA, the U.S. Senate currently sitting on the legislation and research as to why the ERA is needed.
Rotary members may not know that women and men have the same legal rights in only six countries out of the 187 countries in the world and 94% of Americans want the ERA to become law of the land.  Because the Constitution proclaims a nation’s values, we need the ERA because our nation must close the book – once and for all – on the idea that equality of rights is a debatable issue.
The ERA: it’s about time.
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