We’ve had a change in schedule!!
Martina Signore’s parents will be visiting her and attending graduation.  Due to a scheduling conflict, we have moved the Food Bank presentation to June 4th and Martina will be presenting this Monday.
Martina arrived in Waterloo in August and will be departing on June 9th.  In that time, she’s attended Waterloo West High School, lived at three host families, traveled throughout the Midwest and Hawaii and has interacted with many in our Rotary Club.  She will be sharing her many experiences she’s had throughout the year and will be saying her goodbyes to our club.  Come hear Martina and wish her well on her future endeavors.
Also, Meg Durbahn will be coming to give a description of where she will be going next fall as our sponsored outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  She will be living in Enkhuizen, Netherlands and has been in contact with her host families.