Hops and Grapes is going to be on September 26 from 6-9 PM at The Isle!
Save the date!!!!  More details to follow.
  • The first step on our planning process will be to nominate your favorite Nonprofit to receive funding from the Event.
  • Once we have the nominations the Club will vote for the 2 non-profit organizations we would like to receive a portion of the proceeds from our event.
  • 50% - will go to Rotary projects (to be determined) 50% will be split by two nonprofits the club chooses through voting.
Qualifications: A 501c3 organization that is either 1. A member of the Rotary club or 2. Has a Rotarian that is a board member.
Process: to nominate a non-profit (or your non-profit) please write a short description, not more than a paragraph, describing the organization and its impact.  It’s like an elevator pitch for the organization.  Please be concise, as we will likely have several to choose from.
Deadline: please have this back to us no later than Friday, May 3rd at noon.  They can be emailed to Barb Prather at bprather@northeastiowafoodbank.org or Chuck Rowe at crowe@acesiowa.com
Download the nomination form here.
Once we have accumulated the nominations, we will put together a survey for Rotarians to choose their 2 favorites from the list!  It’s that simple!