Lowell Stoolman - District Governor
August, 2020
A Note from Your District Governor
Greetings, fellow Rotarians. Thank you to everyone who made it to my July installment as District Governor for District 5970.
A month into my term, I am eager to start meeting with your clubs, whether in person or virtually. Club visits this term will certainly be unique, but I am looking forward to the challenge. 
Even during the pandemic, we can be thankful for so many things. We have our families, our friends. Many of us are still working and volunteering. And we can be grateful for technology like email and video calls to keep us all connected.
I am not one to dwell on negativity, and I hope that rings true for you and your club, too. This year, we will all be asked to do more with less, and to stretch our patience and flexibility, perhaps like never before. We will rise together in Rotary through the end of 2020, and enter 2021 with the boldness to get things done.
Thank you for your continued dedication. Rotary would be nothing without our club members’ hard work and compassion. 


What Is Heroism in Rotary?

Throughout the pandemic, the word “hero” has been used time and again to describe individuals who put themselves on the front line to care for others – putting service above self.   

That made me think about what heroism means in Rotary. To me, it means doing what we can, with what we have, where we are, without expecting anything in return. 

You might be a hero to a family in need by donating a few dollars to the Rotary Foundation. Or you might serve your community by boxing food, delivering diapers to new parents, or simply listening to others when they need a friend.

In our new normal, wearing a face mask in public, washing your hands, and practicing physical distancing is an excellent way to serve others. Heroism isn’t always about responding to an emergency or making a huge monetary gift. Small acts of kindness that add up over time and can build each of us into Rotary heroes.  

Take care of yourselves and each other. It’s up to us to continue serving our communities as we move forward through the pandemic together.