Anahi dearly loves and misses her family and friends, but has always wanted to be an exchange student from the time she started meeting them and learning about the process.  She told how beautiful our country is, how like Paraguay Iowa is in many ways, and told of the differences between the cultural landscapes. For instance, she added how the students in Paraguay are not allowed cellphones and headphones at school, much less in class. She will be getting used to indoor heating in buildings. None is needed in Paraguay, although air-conditioning sure is needed. 
 In Paraguay students stay in the same room and teachers change classes... not the same classes each varies by day of week. Students in her catholic school stand and greet the teacher respectfully...She demonstrated...and end the class the same way. Respecting elders is basic to her culture.
 She and her Rotary contact Luke Jensen and others visited the Iowa State Fair as one of the first things she did in this country. Her father‘s occupation as a farmer stimulated her understanding of animal she loved animals and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Her face lit up as she spoke about the people, the events, the sites. “We have festivals, fairs, but nothing this big. It is so big!” Along with her beautiful smile. The food, pork, was a favorite she mentioned.
    Anahi said without hesitation that she is determined to be a doctor one day...serving others as the rest of her family. Her father, her mother , Dalma, a psychologist, and her sister Dalma (same name), a nutritionist , a little more than 8 years older than she is. Anahi believes she can succeed and I believe she will. She is clearly an intelligent young lady ... truly amazing and I look forward to catching up with her again as she steps boldly into her countless American adventures that she will share with her new friends here and friends and family at home that she loves so much. As you get a chance, say hello!  She truly fits in as a caring Rotarian with belief in service above self.