Get ready for a wacky, zany musical that’s wholly hilarious. Several of our nuns will pay a visit to Rotary on Monday, July 10 to sing a few of the songs from the show - be sure to be on time and sit up straight!
Come to Waterloo Community Playhouse where you’ll meet five of the wackiest nuns. They’ll sing and dance their way into the hearts and wallets of neighbors so they can raise money to bury sisters accidentally poisoned by the convent cook! Sister Julia (Child of God) made a bad batch of Vichyssoise and half the sisters went face down in their soup!  It is two hours of fun and games as they work to put on a show for you.
You don’t want to miss out on all the Nunsense in this hysterical musical. The show starts July 14th and runs ‘til July 23rd.
For tickets call 319-291-4494 or follow this link.