Years in Rotary – My current official initiation date is January 18, 1994 when I joined the Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M., However, I was a Rotarian with the Waterloo Downtown Club for a few years before I moved to Iowa City.  At that time, there was not a transfer system in place so there was a six-month period when I was not a Rotary member.
Hometown – Waterloo, Iowa
College – Iowa State University – GO CYCLONES!
Job – Wealth Management Banker, U.S. Bank, Waterloo
Fave Food – Anything chocolate
Fave Movie – I have many favorites … I typically go for something entertaining or fun … but that being said, I do love the Harry Potter series having gotten hooked on the books when I read the first in the series with an Iowa City elementary student I journaled through Rotary with when the book first came out in the U.S.
Fave Quote – I used to collect quotes (before computers and Pinterest), so it is hard to select just one … but one that always sorts itself to the top is “The Shepherd’s Prayer” that my mom posted by her desk in college to remind her of her late father: “Heaven won’t be so lonely if what I hope is true, if a little lamb of God is there or come old friendly ewe.  In those celestial pastures beside still waters deep, my the eternal future find me with a little bunch of sheep.”
Fave Thing About Rotary – I actually have two favorites … first, I love being able to help people locally and across the globe through the many Rotary initiatives … and second, I really enjoy the social aspects provided not only through involvement in the local club but also through the many friendships I developed by being involved at the district level when I was in Iowa City.
Something Unique About Me – I spend most of my vacation time helping my family exhibit our purebred, registered Hampshire sheep at three state fairs in the summer and our national show at the North American International Livestock Exposition in the fall.  My husband and I recently relocated to the area to help my parents, including assisting them with the sheep operation.  Right now is lambing season (approximately January–April) so we are very busy with all the new additions and trying to keep everyone warm and healthy!