With the change in seasons, you might want to re-check your Radon levels in your house or business.  Former Waterloo Rotarian Tom Arthur provided our club with a digital Radon detector/meter that we have been offering to members on a 2-week check-out program.  This device will give you an approximate average reading over several days, and should used to determine if a more precise test is warranted.  Charcoal test kits are available at hardware stores for $10-15, but thanks to Tom, Rotarians can run this electronic test at home for NO CHARGE.  The "birthday machine" is so named as it will help provide MORE birthdays for your family by identifying the need for corrective measures to mitigate Radon in your home.
For more details on Radon, click here for the American Cancer Society's link.
If you would like to check out the birthday machine, email Mason - it will be available to pick up at our May 14th meeting.