Have you considered adding The Rotary Foundation to your charitable giving plan?  Whether or not you have a formal plan, Rotary Direct makes it easy to set up a recurring (monthly, quarterly, or annual) donation using your credit card.  Simple.  Efficient.  Seamless.  Meaningful.
BONUS!  If you set up Rotary Direct to make recurring donations, the club will put 100 points (equal to $100) into your Paul Harris account!
BONUS!  If you have never given to The Rotary Foundation, the club will put an additional 100 points (equal to $100) into your Paul Harris account as soon as your donation total reaches $100!
Phil Nash and Brian Aronson were recognized at our February 3rd meeting after they signed up for Rotary Direct and received 100 points from the club.  Brian stated, “Contributing to the programs of the Rotary Foundation through direct withdrawals couldn’t be easier.”
How do you sign up?  There are two ways:
  • Go to www.rotary.org and click on the blue “DONATE” button in the upper right corner.  Scroll down to the blue box under “GIVING TODAY” and click on the “MONTHLY GIVING” box (you can later choose quarterly or annual giving options).  As you go through the form, be sure to use the “Sign In” option (takes you into MyRotary) instead of “Continue as a Guest” to be sure you are properly credited for your donation as a Rotarian.  Alternatively, you can sign into MyRotary initially from the homepage and go through the links there.
  • If you want to sign up using a paper form, Deb Pullin-Van Auken has them available.  You can also print one from www.rotary.org after you sign into MyRotary.  Just go to “The Rotary Foundation” section from the top dark blue drop-down menu, and select “Ways to Give” in the “Give” column.  Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to the purple “Giving forms” section, and select “Rotary Direct enrollment form”.
If you use the paper form, you will need to know your Rotary ID number as well as our club number (2222).  Your Rotary ID (and the club number) can be found when you enter MyRotary, or you can get it from any club officer or our Rotary Foundation Chair Deb Pullin-Van Auken.  Deb is happy to send it in, or you can do it yourself using the address provided on the form.
Phil Nash is very happy he signed up for Rotary Direct: “It’s really simple to sign up with Rotary Direct.  It’s a regular donation I have set up, and they are really good about communicating their confirmations. I am glad I did it.”
Simple.  Efficient.  Seamless.  Meaningful.  Sign up today!