A note regarding Rotary membership...
Dear Rotarian,
As we near the end of the Rotary year, the board is reviewing membership, balances of outstanding dues, and working to get caught up so we can move into the new year with complete records. 
We have noticed in our records that several members may be behind on dues. This can mean one of two things. 
1. Some members are truly behind
2. Invoices, tracking, or both need to be double checked. (We are human, and dare I say, not perfect).
We will be sending updated invoices to each member in the next statement. Please help us double check our records. If your invoice notes an amount overdue, we would love for you to double check your records, demonstrate payment records, and by all means reach out. 
If you have questions, contact Joan Rice or Adam Schaefer.
Yours in Rotary,