Everyone's reason for "Why Rotary?" is unique. That's why we strive to provide mentorship and community-building activities that tap into existing skills and build new ones. #PeopleOfAction

We know that people engage with Rotary to make connections, find opportunities for personal growth, and develop leadership skills, all while making a difference in the world.

A 2020 survey reconfirmed that our members, more specifically, value community service, friendship, and professional development. Knowing this helps us meet their needs and give them reasons to stay involved.

Our focus, then, should be offering more of these meaningful experiences. How do we do this? Two main ways are by fostering mentoring relationships and by supporting activities that let people use their skills in new ways or build new skills through membership and service.

The Keys to Engagement: Understanding and Delivering Personal Value Keeps Rotary Fulfilling | My Rotary