At our June 25th meeting, we celebrated another year full of service and we had some laughs while honoring two familiar faces.
President Phil Nash began his last meeting in charge with updates from John Berry on Hops & Grapes and Steve Thorpe on the Shoebox Project.  John thanked Rotarians who attended the annual event June 14th and was appreciative of the volunteers who stepped up to coordinate and pull off another top-notch event.  Final accounting will be completed in July, and proceeds from this year's event will benefit our club as well as Operation Threshold and Family & Children's Council.  Steve reminded us of the origins and lasting impact of the Shoebox Project, which is in full box-filling mode right now. Email Steve to check out a few shoeboxes to fill for specific children in Nicaragua that desperately want to be lifted out of poverty.
James Madison was accepted a much-delayed check on behalf of the Winnebago Council for his football-picking expertise this past winter.
Kathy Braun was recognized June 25th for her continued contributions to the Rotary Foundation and she received her third Paul Harris pin.
As president Phil began describing the Rotarian of the Year, Mason dutifully began streaming on Facebook Live.  Unbeknownst to Mason, Phil was describing HIM.  Next on Phil's honor list was Hovey Brom - the surprise recipient of the Lifetime of Service award.  You can see the presentation as it happened on our Facebook page by clicking the link below. 
As Katelyn begins her year year as our president, let's strive to continue serving our community and world with determination and fellowship.