Meet Lowell Stoolman, Your New District Governor

Lowell is the former police chief of Rockwell City and a former member of the city’s maintenance department. He served more than 30 years on the city’s fire department and is an active member of the Rockwell City Rotary Club. 

Lowell's installation celebration is scheduled for June 28, 2020, at the Twin Lakes Golf Club in Rockwell City.  Register to attend.

A Message from Outgoing District Governor, Michelle Bell...

As Rotarians, we know this phrase is true: Rotary Opens Opportunities. Chosen as the 2020-2021 Rotary theme, these are words to live by for all clubs. But what does “opening opportunities” mean for individual Rotarians?

I’ve collected a few ideas I’ve observed throughout my tenure as 5970 District Governor:

  • Bringing people together: Rotary gives members an opportunity to meet others they might never have met otherwise. Older, younger, professional, homemaker. Rotary is for everyone and welcomes people from all walks of life.
  • Granting confidence through responsibility: You might never have thought you could write a newsletter, plan a public event, or build a home for someone in need. Yet, here you are! Rotary gives people a chance to get outside their comfort zone with support from like-minded volunteers.
  • Trying new things: Prior to joining Rotary, some members had never volunteered in their community before. Working side-by-side with other club members can be the start of a lifelong dedication to selflessly serving others.

Opportunities can be scary, but they can also be exciting. Rotary gives each of us an opportunity to pursue our passions and take care of the people and places that makes our communities great. 

How does your club open opportunities? Share your tips online with Exchange Ideas on MyRotary.