A movement creating space to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” as we navigate the conversation on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
The Rotary District 5970' Human Connections Team will partner with several clubs and community colleges across the district to host a series of Cultural Immersion Workshops throughout January - June.
Local Cultural Informants to Present at Cultural Immersion Workshop and Simulation 
The District's Human Connections Team is hosting conversations around the human experience. This includes topics around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This unique workshop series accentuates the conversation around cultural competency and human connection. 
Entrepreneurs, individuals, business and nonprofit industry leaders should attend. You will learn: 1) valuable insights to stand out authentically, 2) how to uniquely expand your cultural vision in life and business, and 3) how to have an effective voice in the conversation, at the executive table, around the kitchen table, or with passionate individuals in the community. This workshop includes a cultural informant speaker panel featuring local leaders in the community where the event is being hosted. The interactive Immersion experience is unique and inspiring.
Registration includes materials, an ethnic lunch, and refreshments throughout the day - $50 for individuals; special group rates are available for 5 or more. Registration is open to the public. Register at www.District5970.org Other workshops will be held across the state of Iowa through June 2024 with a Progressive Cultural Dinner event to be held at the District Governor's conference on June 8th.
More details can be found at the registration website.