As we roll along, roll along into our new Rotary year, President Mark Durbahn is proud to announce the approved slate of officers and directors for 2019-2020. Our club would also like to extend our appreciation for the service of our outgoing board members:   
2018 – 2019 Board
Katelyn Tungland (President 2018-2019)
Mark Durbahn (President Elect 2019-2020)
Brian Aronson (Treasurer)
E.J. Gallagher (Secretary)
Phil Nash
Jaclyne Heller
Megan Kugler
Steve Carignan
Luke Jenson
Lauren Finke
Annie Vander Werff
Donna Miller
2019-2020 Board (10 Members)
Dave Lee 2021
E.J. Gallagher 2020 (Secretary)
Adam Schaefer 2021 (Treasurer)
Phil Nash 2020 (Membership Chair)
Katelyn Tungland 2021
Deb Pullin-Van Aucken 2021 (Foundation Chair)
Annie Vander Werff 2020 (President Elect)
Megan Kugler 2020
Jaclyne Heller 2020
Heather Labonte 2021
Programs / Committees
Hops and Grapes:  Chuck Rowe and Barb Prather
Shoe Box Project:  Steve Thorpe, Liz Thorpe and Dave Lee
Operation Warm:  Steve Thorpe and Liz Thorpe
Football Banquet:  Wade Itzen
Volleyball Banquet:  Barb Prather and Jaclyne Heller
Youth Exchange Officer:  Luke Jenson
Urban / Rural Luncheon:  Larry Steffens, Bob Regenwether, Rick Morris
Academic Honors Luncheon:  Beth McCrindle
Invocation Committee:  Steve Schmitt
Meeting Guest and Sign-In Coordinator:  Norman Ussery
Song Leader:  Hovey Brom
Pianist:  Bonnie Smith-Davis
Summer Picnic:  Katelyn Tungland and Larry Steffens
Media and Rotary Reporter:  Mason Fromm
Program Committee:  Annie Vander Werff
Birthday Recognition:  Mason Fromm