Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair
Dear Rotarians,
Saturday, March 30th, I and several others from our District Leadership Team attended a fundraising event held by the Cedar Falls Rotary Club.  The proceeds will be used to fund a global grant to provide water wells in several Honduran villages.  During the event, an eight year-old girl named Lyra Benjamin was honored for her charitable work to help people in need.  To celebrate her First Communion, she chose to raise charitable funds instead of receiving personal gifts.  Lyra raised nearly $1,800 to help victims of Hurricane Irma.  The really impressive thing she and her family did was to research which charitable organizations she could trust to handle disbursement of the funds.  What did her research tell her?  Trust Rotary International! 
Lyra gave the funds to the Cedar Falls Rotary Club to make sure the funds made their way to the disaster fund of The Rotary Foundation.  We are honored and humbled by Lyra’s story.  If you are inspired by her story, you are welcome to give to Rotary’s Disaster Response Fund at   Thank you, Lyra, for your inspiration!