Karen Everling - also known as "Little Iron Mom" - is speaking today about the World Grace Project.
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Biography on Karen Everling, Executive Director...
I have lived and worked in the Cedar Valley for over 20 years. A graduate of Hawkeye Community College’s Photography program, I started my photography studio, Cooper Image Design, on Main Street in Cedar Falls in 2001. As a downtown business owner, I won multiple ADDY awards for marketing and unique product creation. I am entrepreneurial at heart, but my joy is to inspire others to create and dream.

In 2010, my oldest son became a cancer survivor, changing the trajectory of my life forever, and I became what my friends coined, “Little Iron Mom.”  I believe that life is too short to think that God gives us second chances for no reason.

In 2017, I registered my nonprofit, Little Iron Mom, a true reflection of my son’s second chance at life. We all deserve life, and I feel dedicated to bringing life to our community in multiple proactive ways.