The Waterloo Rotary Club annually recognizes senior honor students of the Waterloo high schools and their principals.  Through this recognition, the Waterloo Rotary Club congratulates its outstanding students and schools for their accomplishments, commitment to excellence, and dedication to developing leaders of the future.  We are extremely proud of each participant and salute them for their achievements.

Keynote speaker Shanlee McNally, Program Officer, R.J. McElroy Trust,
Waterloo Rotary President-Elect Jaclyne Heller,
Student Honors Luncheon Committee Chairperson, Lauren Finke,
Waterloo Rotary Club President Annie Vander Werff


Photos of the 2023 ceremony can be seen here

Honored Guests

Dr. Jared Smith, Superintendent
Waterloo Community School District

Mr. Tom Novotney, Chief Administrator/Principal
Cedar Valley Catholic Schools/
Columbus High School

Mr. Joe Parker, Principal
East High School

Mr. Brian L’Heureux, Head of School
Valley Lutheran High School

Mr. Ryan Hall, Head of School
Waterloo Christian School

Mr. Andy Miehe, Principal
West High School



Columbus High School 
Theodore Ahern, Rebecca DuFour, Megan Fangman,
Ryleigh Frush, Alliandra Hagness, Simeon Hasselbrook,
Avery Hogan, Peter Minard, Vy Van, Major Westhoff



East High School

Faith Benhoff, Lannah Bradley, Jernaja Bunch-O’Neal,
Jasmine Causevic, Ericeli Cherry, Brandon Eberhard,
Bailey Hollaway, Nathen Hovatter, Karsyn Miller,
Nyla Norman, Brayden Peters, Gavin Peters,
Karina Quetzecua Rubio, Ami Roquet, Nayeli Sibrian,
Claire Snook, Anabel Stock, Alise Williams,
Eric Yu, Ethan Yu



Valley Lutheran High School​ 
Ellie Bremner, Isaac Dawson, Ethan L’Heureux,
Adric Schmitz, Marcus Schriever
Waterloo Christian School 
Sydney Aronson, Lauren Bergstrom, Olivia Kennedy,
Sophia Mandt, Riya Rajkumar



West High School

Jesse Alcorn, Sai Sei Myo Aung, Madeline Bickley-Manning,
Muhammad Blal, Alayna Boos, Tanvarat Chankamkaew,
Nia Christoffer, Michelle Darcon, Zephaniah Gustafson,
Dylan Herink, Sasha Hyacinth, Mane Khachikyan,
Emma Krgo, Joel Powell, Tiana Selimagic,
Dino Vallem, Addison Wells, Samantha Willey,
Brianna Williams, Phoebe Yoder
Special recognition was given to the parents, teachers, and administrators
who undoubtedly helped these students achieve.
Best of luck to these students in all their future endeavors!
Special thanks to Lauren's committee members for the countless details behind the scenes!
Beth McCrindle, Kevin McCrindle, and Ashlyn Jungwirth
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