The Waterloo Rotary Club annually recognizes senior honor students of the Waterloo high schools and their principals.  Through this recognition, the Waterloo Rotary Club congratulates its outstanding students and schools for their accomplishments, commitment to excellence, and dedication to developing leaders of the future.  We are extremely proud of each participant and salute them for their achievements.

Keynote speaker: Tom Novotney
Prinicpal, Blessed Maria Assunta Palotta

Honored Guests

Dr. Jane Lindaman, Superintendent
Waterloo Community School District

Dr. Dale Monroe, Chief Administrator
Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

Mr. Aaron Ferrie, Principal
Columbus High School

Ms. Marla Padget, Principal
East High School

Ms. Nykki Miller, Counselor
East High School

Mr. Cary Wieland, Principal
Expo Alternative Learning Center

Ms. Shannon Prehm, Counselor
Expo Alternative Learning Center

Ms. Jamie Panning, Admissions Director
Valley Lutheran High School

Ms. Jennifer Neifer, Head of School
Waterloo Christian School

Mr. Andy Miehe, Principal
West High School



Columbus High School 
Nicholas Augustine, Katherine Chin, Lily Christensen, Brigette Dakovich,
Allison Dalrymple, Olivia Fain, Samantha Heuthorst, Justin Jasper,
Riki Menning, Tatiana Myers, Rigby Nibbelink, Ana Ortiz,
Kyndall Roberts, Danielle Simon, Anna Sinnott, Madisyn Steele,
Grace Trost, Miranda Ulses, Cole Weber, Elizabeth Weidner



East High School

Blake Boeckman, Daria Dilparic, Brayden Good, Vienna Greenway,
Bethany Hall, Elvina Ibricic, Lesly Inarrito-Rodriguez, Alejandro Medina-Valencia,
Alexis Monroe, Brianna Netty, Dylan Pryor, Abigail Regenold,
Kyla Reyes, Taylor Roquet, Jennifer Sandoval-Ortiz, Noely Sibrian,
Maritza Silva, Staci Strader, Admir Velic, Ashley Woods



Expo High School

Cristian Del Carmen, Jarrett Pritchett, Peyton Sanchez



Valley Lutheran High School​ 
Emma Armbrecht, Haley Clark,
Katelynn Panning, Daniel Rich, Elsa Swanson
Waterloo Christian School 
Katherine Ochsner, Ruth Schares, Mallory Smith,
Caleb Williams, Tessa Wynthein



West High School

Elvedina Arapovic, Yasmine Buchanan, Benjamin Dunkerton,
Marissa Gates, Taylor Gilles, Haley Graves, Ciara Harrington,
Anna Hepworth, Minela Ikanovic, Jessica Inman, Saima Perveen,
Emily Reinertson, Mee-Hwa Roche, Kyle Rogers, Tayler Sanderson,
Abigail Smith, Emma Stoffer, Allison Stuenkel, Jordan Trost, Lacey VanDyke


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