The Waterloo Rotary Club annually recognizes senior honor students of the Waterloo high schools and their principals.  Through this recognition, the Waterloo Rotary Club congratulates its outstanding students and schools for their accomplishments, commitment to excellence, and dedication to developing leaders of the future.  We are extremely proud of each participant and salute them for their achievements.


Guest speaker Libby Waterbury

Honored Guests

Dr. Gary Norris, Superintendent - Waterloo Community School District 
Mr. Jeff Frost, Director of Education - Cedar Valley Catholic Schools 
Mr. Tom Ulses, Principal - Columbus High School 
Ms. Katy Sweeney, Counselor - Columbus High School 
Dr. Willie Barney, Principal - East High School 
Ms. Amy Denholm, Counselor - East High School 
Mr. Brenton Shavers, Principal - Expo High School 
Ms. Marsha Watters, Counselor - Expo High School
Mr. Nathan Richter, Principal - Valley Lutheran High School 
Ms. Lisa Goedken, Principal - Waterloo Christian School 
Ms. Judy Wagner, Secretary - Waterloo Christian School 
Dr. Gail Moon, Principal - West High School 
Ms. Kayann Lilja, Counselor - West High School



Columbus High School 
Christopher R. Barnard, Lexi N. Byrnes, Emma Frederick,

Antonia Gallen, Benjamin J. Hansen, Robert F. Hart,

Benjamin P. Jasper, Justin Klieman, Mitchell W. Maiers,

Miles J. Meyers, Anne E. Nora, Alfredo Real, Pedro M. Rodriquez


East High School


Ashley Babinat, Jesse Billings, Tiffany Cole, Kaila Crockett,

Ryan Doland, Matthew Fecht, Justin Galloway, Hollie Hampton,

Joellen Hatchett, Shelby Hockey, Maria Jaime, Rachele Kindschi,

Briana Magnuson, Gabrielle Miller, Alyson Netty, Heather O’Brien,

Kesley Rash, Keila Thomas, Olivia Todd, Paige Vernon 


Expo High School


Danielle Harris, Audrey Hilmer, Kyle Hoppe,

Taylor Terry, Alyssa Whiteman




Valley Lutheran High School 
Danielle Armbrecht, Kristi Beier, Austin Henning,

Victoria Killian, Julia Nichol, Annalise Schildroth




Waterloo Christian School 
Emily E. Meier



West High School


Cody Carlson, Cheyenne Carpenter, Ashlyn Christensen, Zinka Duric,

Darian Everding, Emily Gerst, Rachel Gruetzmacher, Grace Han,

Claire Hepworth, Jewel Iliff, Victoria Johnson, Samuel Kapler

AnnMarie Mews, Holly Ortman, Jacob Porter, Sead Sarkic,

Anne Sloter, Abigail Thomas, Haley Waschkat


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