2011 Academic Honors Luncheon

The Waterloo Rotary Club annually recognizes senior honor students of the Waterloo high schools and their principals.  Through this recognition, the Waterloo Rotary Club congratulates its outstanding students and schools for their accomplishments, commitment to excellence, and dedication to developing leaders of the future.  We are extremely proud of each participant and salute them for their achievements.

Guest speaker Jim Waterbury, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Allen Hospital got a standing ovation from the crowd for his musings about how the world has changed him since 1965 when he graduated from Waterloo West. In addition to listing some of the life-changing musical events in his life, Jim's remarks were well-designed for the high school students who were lucky to be there.  You can click here to read the speech.

Honored Guests

Dr. Gary Norris, Superintendent - Waterloo Community School District 
Mr. Jeff Frost, Director of Education - Cedar Valley Catholic Schools 
Mr. Tom Ulses, Principal - Columbus High School 
Ms. Katy Sweeney, Counselor - Columbus High School 
Dr. Willie Barney, Principal - East High School 
Ms. Amy Denholm, Counselor - East High School 
Mr. Brenton Shavers, Principal - Expo High School 
Ms. Marsha Watters, Counselor - Expo High School
Mr. Nathan Richter, Principal - Valley Lutheran High School 
Ms. Lisa Goedken, Principal - Waterloo Christian School 
Ms. Judy Wagner, Secretary - Waterloo Christian School 
Dr. Gail Moon, Principal - West High School 
Ms. Kayann Lilja, Counselor - West High School


Columbus High School
Drew Beyer, Megan Chizek, Nick Davis,
Emma Dolan, Abby Engel, Mitchell Forker,
Colin Halbmaier, Jonathan Heinzman, Ryan Horak,
Hallie Kuchera, Allison Lehnen, Lynn Luecke,
Emily Nelson, Maddie Seymour, Doug Zabler


East High School

Adam Babinat, Breanna Bergstrom, Ciera Campbell,
Ashley Cole, Jessica Colvin, Hannah DeVries,
Elias Escobedo, Breanna Fecht, Dezirae Fontes,
Christopher Keller, Abbey Magnuson, Chelsea McNamee,
Shanna McNamee, Melissa Moschke, Alexander Oliver,
David Orona, Lucas Pietan, Colton Rathe,
Nicole Torgerson, Riley Wilcox



Expo High School

Kaela Barker, Alqueisha Campbell, T'Vonshai Gully, 
Brandon Marovets, Amanda Oconnell



Valley Lutheran High School 
Jacob Clement, Sara Roth



Waterloo Christian School 
Bethany Dunlap, Brett Gillen



West High School

Kristen Bastug, Hannah Carr-Murphy, Tyler Cook,
Joshua Danker, Elizabeth Eylers, Andrew Foster,
Sarah Gorsche, Allie Holton, Dakota Hottle,
Olivia Hottle, Jordan Johnston, Alen Kajtezovic,
Austin Kinney, Allison Richman, Jadyn Spencer,
Ashwin Subramani, Sumita Subramani,
Mackenzie Vandenberg, Maria Wagenhofer, Anisa Zubovic

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