Like so many other things this year, our normal club operations have been adjusted in response to Covid-19. Thankfully, we have technology that allows us to see and hear each other while we stay physically separated. By early summer, Art Cox stepped up to host our Rotary meetings on Zoom and we were able to break into "rooms" of 4-5 members and catch up with each other before the program - just like sitting at tables pre-pandemic.
The link to join our meeting is the same every week, so you can add it as a bookmark in your browser or create a recurring appointment in your calendar.  We encourage you to share the link with people you think would like to attend and one day join our club. We have more than 110 active members in our club, but only about 30 join us for meetings each week. If you haven't joined us for a virtual meeting yet, there's PLENTY of room on the screen for you (even if you don't want to turn on your camera!).
Just click the logo below to join every Monday at noon!
Meeting ID: 985 7618 4918
Password: 061645