Nearly 4,000 Rotary members from 35 countries, government officials and topic experts explored ideas and solutions around disease prevention and treatment, water sanitation and hygiene, education and other topics relevant to India

Rotary began its journey in India from the city of Kolkata, on 1st January, 1920 inspired by the organisation’s motto, “service above self”. In the last 100 years, Rotary has grown from one club to 4,000 with 1.5 lakh Rotary members in India.

In 2018-19, The Rotary Foundation in India supported projects worth $22.81 million, including: improving the education system; tackling significant public health problems throughout the country;

providing women entrepreneurs with sustainable access to microfinance; enhancing sanitation and hygiene standards, especially for women and girls; providing access to clean and safe drinking water; helping rebuild homes, schools, and businesses affected by natural disasters and much more.

As a driving force behind global efforts to eradicate polio, Rotary will join India in celebrating its sixth polio-free year on 27th March, 2020. Since 1995, Rotary worked with the Indian government to institute National Immunisation Days each year to immunise 172 million children under five years of age.

Congratulating Rotary on achieving this 100-year milestone, Chief Guest Jagdeep Dhankar, Governor of Bengal, said, “The third decade of this century will be a decisive one for India, and organisations like Rotary, with its resources and commitment to creating positive and lasting change in the world, have an important role to play. Ending polio in India is a testament to Rotary’s dedication and action. We look forward to collaborating with Rotary to address India’s other challenges.”